Adobe Business Catalyst Website Migration to WordPress

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Adobe recently announced they would stop supporting their Business Catalyst website Content Management System (CMS). Businesses must choose a new platform for their website. Many Adobe Business Catalyst website owners are choosing migration to WordPress. With the right approach, this can generate the results for your business that you have always envisioned.

Key takeaways from Adobe’s announcement include:

Why Should I Start Adobe Business Catalyst Website Migration Now?

What Should I Do To Migrate My Adobe Business Catalyst Website?

You should:

Alternatively, you can:

Does Adobe Business Catalyst End of Life Present Opportunities for My Business?

Yes. Your options are:

Let’s dive deeper into number 3.

What is an “effective” website?

An effective website is one that produces positive return on your investment. Because of your website’s critical importance and central position in your marketing and sales systems, going cheap can cost you a lot of heartache and money.

A business-minded approach to effective website creation includes:

Why should I migrate to WordPress?

To be certain, other platforms are available. We recommend WordPress because:

Should I migrate my Adobe Business Catalyst website to a WordPress “theme?”

Probably not. Themes assume you fit into a box. You don’t maximize your profitability by being just like everyone else. You don’t establish a clear, differentiated market position by fitting into a box.

Effective, business-minded website development is about imagining possibilities, gauging their fit to your vision and goals, and making decisions based on ROI opportunity. It is not about what a theme can or cannot do.

Can WordPress replace all the functionality of my Adobe Business Catalyst system?

No, but Webolutions’ system does.

What’s the next step I should take to migrate my website?

Easy. Let’s chat to see if Adobe Business Catalyst migration to WordPress is right for your business, and to develop a custom plan to ensure this change helps your business to thrive.

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