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At the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce’s 18th Annual Best Golf Classic on August 23, 2012, at Lone Tree Golf Club & Hotel, golfers ascending the hill approaching the 15th tee were greeted by shouts of welcome, shortly followed by beverages, fine cigars, hand massagers and a comfortable oasis in which to sit and enjoy conversation while waiting for the previous group to tee off.

“We had a lot of fun,” said Webolutions Director of Business Development and Welche Aktien Kaufen Jennifer Piehl. “We met some new South Metro Denver Chamber investors and their guests while hanging out in soft furniture in the shade. As work days go, this was a pretty darn good one.”

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“The shots of colorful liqueur were very popular,” said Webolutions Experience Coordinator Savanah Sporer. “Almost everyone stepped up to have a green shot to get to the green faster, a blue shot to stay out of the water and a red shot to stay out of the sand. Some people had two each, you know, for extra luck.”

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The Webolutions crew felt right at home at Lone Tree, having launched the club’s new website in June, 2012. The Webolutions foursome shot a respectable 12 under at the best ball scramble. That group included Webolutions Director of New Media Strategies Mike Hanbery and Lead Designer Adam Robertson; and clients Eric Gunderson, Director of Marketing and Sales at Swingle Lawn, Tree & Landscape Care; and Dan Sueltz, Owner of D’Lance Golf. Webolutions had launched D’Lance’s new website just 24 hours prior to the tournament and does ongoing strategic and online marketing for Swingle.

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“A soft, cushiony sofa under a tent was a welcome respite after 9 or 10 holes of golf cart,” said one visitor. “The Webolutions tent was set far enough away from the tee that the festive atmosphere was not at all distracting. Good planning by the Chamber.”

“If these guys approach sponsoring a hole at a golf tournament with this level of detail and enthusiasm,” said another golfer, “I can only imagine what it must it be like to work with them.”

“We wanted to make people’s experience more enjoyable,” said Webolutions Operations Manager Kristin Dye, who helped host the tent. “We always get good suggestions and come up with new ideas so we’re already looking forward to kicking it up a notch next year.”

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