Webolutions February 2020 Guest Menu Features Delightful Treats

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The month of February includes many celebrations, from Groundhog Day, to Valentine’s Day, to Chinese New Year, to Presidents’ Day to Black History Month. February 2020 also includes a Leap Year, so instead of 28 days February will have 29. That’s one more day to indulge in some Valentine’s Day treats with us at Webolutions!

Make an appointment to see us, or stop on by the office to sample these lovely treats:

Guest Menu for the First Half of February

February_2020_Webolutions_Guest_MenuFlaky Mini Croissants Drizzled with Chocolate and Topped with Whipped Cream Served with French Press Italian Espresso
February_2020_Webolutions_Guest_MenuA Chocolate Tasting Event Served with Strawberry Sparkling Water

Guest Menu for the Last Half of February

February_2020_Webolutions_Guest_MenuStrawberries Romanoff Served with Godiva Chocolate Truffle Coffee
February_2020_Webolutions_Guest_MenuMini Chocolate Fondue Served with Strawberry Sparkling Water or French Press Coffee

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