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On Friday, December 13th, 2019, Webolutions digital marketing agency brought in 20 Denver-area women executives to our final Women in Executive Leadership roundtable of 2019, inspiring one another with ideas on leveraging the latest social media tools, website trends and professional development skills to succeed in the new year. All attendees shared their wisdom, curiosity and insights on marketing strategies that will allow them to grow their organizations and make lasting connections in 2020 and beyond.

Trends in Digital Advertising and Social Media

Today’s executives are leveraging social media not just for brand awareness, but also for spreading industry knowledge and information. A majority of the Denver-area executives said they have re-purposed content from blog posts and their website on social media. Others have recently shied away from social media, noting that it can be overwhelming. “However, it can be used in a way to build community and face-to-face interactions,” said one attendee.

Another avenue some executives have leveraged in their marketing strategies is experimenting with video. Webolutions asked executives whether they are using video in their strategies. About a third of the attendees said they have used videos, while others were unsure how to implement video into their digital marketing. “The best way to get a video strategy is to start,” said Webolutions Strategist Mary Ann Littler, who co-facilitated the roundtable. One attendee in the real estate industry said she noticed an increase in customer engagement using video in her marketing strategies. For instance, she has used her mobile phone to record — and sing — a happy birthday message to clients. “It gives them such a sense of belonging and joy,” she said.

Trends in Websites

“Your website is your best employee that works 24 hours a day,” said Webolutions Project Manager and roundtable co-facilitator Amy Martinez. People expect you to have a website; it’s digital credibility. With today’s digital landscape, Denver-area leaders are aiming to increase interaction on their organization’s website.

Conversation then centered around why the ability to submit questions, live-chat, post live videos, etc. on a website is key to grow their businesses. “We’re always looking for different avenues for recommendations,” said one executive in the real-estate development industry. The best strategy to getting feedback? “Make your surveys dummy proof,” said another executive who works in the engineering industry. For example, many leaders are incorporating third-party survey tools and single-click buttons on their website to make it simple to leave feedback.

Some attendees; however, said they have trust issues with the quality of reviews. “I like to review their feedback before taking them into consideration,” said one attendee. When crafting survey questions, attendees suggested asking their audiences to leave open-ended remarks on the benefits of working together. Overall, attendees agreed that creating a seamless user experience – clearly defined user paths. “It should be easy for them to get to what they want,” said one attendee.

While simplicity is important in crafting a survey strategy, Internet security is equally important that most businesses miss when implementing these tools. “Hiring a professional to handle your website is a good idea because of this,” said a woman executive in the information technology industry.

These are just a handful of website design and development trends women executives discussed. For a further dive into custom website features, watch or re-watch our webinar, Creating an Effective Website for 2020. Understand how to ensure your website development experience generates a high-performing website that helps you achieve your goals.

Influencer Marketing

As much a business transaction as any other part of your marketing – a good influencer marketing strategy will include contracts, scoping, etc. One attendee brought up Kylie Jenner as a popular example of influencer marketing done right. “The best influences are ones who have the right personality and right match for the product they’re selling,” she said.

Other attendees mentioned affiliate marketing as an approach to growing their organizations. This a method that is similar to influencer marketing but serves as performance-based vs. product-based in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Networking and Personal Development

In addition to growing social media, Denver-area executives are looking outward to connect with women who inspire and empower one another, along with inward to develop their professional and personal development. Some examples of staying connected included sending gratitude kits as meaningful gifts, using tech such as social media and texting to help facilitate in-person relationships and connections. One attendee said she connected with presenters on LinkedIn to get to know them on a more personal level.

Regarding professional development, one attendee wants to make it a 2020 resolution to meet with one person a month who inspires her. Others mentioned that they and employees would like to take courses in their expertise and continue to be a lifelong learner. “I want to connect with and empower other women,” said one Denver-area executive. “It’s important to raise each other up and learn from one another.”

Shared Resources and Wisdom

Like all Women in Executive Leadership Roundtables, attendees shared their favorite resources and methods for improving their marketing and leadership:

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