Webolutions at Denver Digital Summit 2018: From Mild-Mannered Marketers to Marketing Superheroes!

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On July 17 and 18, more than 230 digital marketing and sales professionals from around the world went through an experience unlike any other — they discovered their Marketing Superpowers.

Webolutions joined forces with Infusionsoft to create a unique booth experience at Denver Digital Summit 2018.Our mission was to conquer attendees’ “villains” — including time, resources and messaging — and equip attendees with our proven Marketing Superhero approach, including:

We called this the Marketing Superhero Experience.

What is the Marketing Superhero Experience?

We wanted Denver Digital Summit attendees to leave our booth amazed and knowledgeable about Infusionsoft and Webolutions. To make this happen, we outlined a four-step journey when they entered the booth:

Begin your Marketing Superhero Journey

At the front of the booth, we had a greeter who welcomed attendees by asking them “Are you ready to become a Marketing Superhero?” From the moment they entered our booth, we kept them engaged by allowing them to text their information into an interactive SMS journey. Once they had all the information entered, it was time to meet their Guide.

Commit to Be a Marketing Superhero

The Marketing Superhero Guides set the tone for the booth. Each guide ensured that the Marketing Superhero journey would allow attendees to tackle their marketing obstacles and commit to finding their Marketing Superheroes — and identity. Like all superheroes, Marketing Superheroes need a great superhero name. Here are some of our favorite superhero names attendees chose from the summit:

Attend the Superhero Academy

With their new monikers in tact, we welcomed our new Marketing Superheroes to learn new skills by attending the Marketing Superhero Academy. Our Marketing Superhero Mentors demonstrated to our new recruits the Infusionsoft CRM Sales & Marketing Automation solution. Many were amazed at all of the Infusionsoft Marketing Automation & CRM features, including:

Continue Your Marketing Superhero Journey

Marketing Superhero name? Check! Marketing Superpowers? Check! Costume? We had the perfect outfit! A Marketing Superhero’s journey wasn’t complete until they donned some marketing superhero bling and garb – including our Marketing Superhero T-shirts. To help take their Marketing Superpowers to the next level — and show off to their friends on social media — we provided them with Marketing Superhero bling, including capes, masks and superhero props.

What’s next?

Very special thank you to Infusionsoft and those who attended the booth. We invite all of you to continue your Marketing Superhero journey by scheduling a one-on-one demo or signing up for an Infusionsoft demo webinar.

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