Web Videos

Video remains the fastest growing and most increasingly consumed content format on the Internet.

YouTube is the second-most used search engine. This means that people are more likely to go to YouTube to search for information than Bing or Yahoo. For an entire generation of digital natives and a growing number of all kinds of people, video is the preferred medium.

Webolutions designs user-generated content strategies for social media marketing, branding identity videos and entire web-based video campaigns that achieve quantitative Return On Investment (ROI).

Our custom, internally-developed systems for optimizing videos for search engine discovery and broadening the reach of web videos through marketing them to online video sharing networks combine with our strategic, integrated approach and our decades of experience create a powerful combination for our clients.

Webolutions experts have decades of experience in creating videos for multimedia, promotion, training and we’ve been cited by MarketingProfs for our prowess in optimizing web video to score well in search results.

To determine how video fits into your strategic marketing mix or see samples of our work, contact Webolutions today!

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