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Webolutions is among Denver’s top content marketing companies with over 24 years of experience developing effective content marketing plans. Content is the linchpin of successful online marketing today.  It is critical for driving online visibility and providing valuable information to prospective customers. But finding the time to develop big, original ideas can sometimes seem overwhelming. That’s where Webolutions can help, we are content marketing experts.

The bottom line is that content is important. It helps drive SEO, user experience, and it is THE thing that brings your brand’s personality to life in a medium that would otherwise be pretty lifeless. Content development can take almost countless forms, and each form of content requires a different approach, just as every brand requires a different approach as well.

At Webolutions, we focus on a collaborative approach, one that respects your subject matter expertise while simultaneously employing our content and marketing skills to create an effective strategy that cares for all parts of the content process. That includes:

  • Creating a defined voice and tone for your messaging and content
  • Collaborating on a strategy that makes sense for your goals and your target audiences
  • Working to find the right words to convey what you’re really all about, and why that matters to anyone else
  • Keeping in mind SEO terms and creating content that ranks as well as creates a seamless user experience
  • Using a wide variety of tools to help make sure your content is in tip-top shape before it’s shipped out to readers

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing imageMany of you have heard about web content marketing. So, what exactly is content marketing for a website? Content marketing is among the most important methods to attract potential customers. Why? Creating regular, fresh and unique content is precisely what Google is looking for when rankings a website. Specifically, Google is measuring how “valuable” your content is by using several different signals such as social media shares and backlinks to the article.

While content marketing is among the most important factors to ranking well in Google, more importantly, when done correctly, valuable information is conveyed to those who are looking for your products or services. Website visitors are seeking credible, authoritative information that provides assurance of an individual or company. By establishing one’s website as authoritative with original, informative information, visitors will stay on one’s site longer, click through the website more and come back more frequently. All of these benefits are signals to Google that help a website’s rankings.

When one’s website is developing content that is informative, other websites are more likely to reference your content by using a link from their website to your article. These types of backlinks are precisely what Google is looking for to rank a website well. Why? Well, they are typically of better quality and are coming from other websites within your subject area, which creates a semantic relationship that helps Google understand the nature of one’s website.

Content is King image

A proper content marketing strategy provides valuable information. It does not sell a product or service. We are all bombarded with advertisement and sales offers, which means an article that is selling someone on something is typically not read and of little value. By engaging one’s customers with relevant content that is valuable to them, a loyalty to your brand is formed. When that potential customer is ready to act, who do you think they’ll turn to? That’s right, someone who they believe is credible and trustworthy.

Content Development

Successful content marketing is based on the understanding that content consumption preferences vary widely, so it’s important to provide information in a variety of formats to drive maximum viewership. Webolutions helps clients create content that drives search engine optimization and online conversion.  Whether you’re looking to make an immediate sale or collect profile information for ongoing prospect nurturing, we know how to create content that converts.

We support clients with development of many different content types and formats:

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Content Marketing Strategy | Blog Posts & Articles

Content Marketing Strategy

It’s not enough to create quality content, a strong content marketing program includes a strategy for maximizing content viewership and conversion into leads.  Webolutions helps clients distribute content through their own resources as well as third parties.  A single “big idea” can be used for multiple blog posts, webinars, social media posts, newsletters, live event presentations, videos and more.  To maximize content exposure, Webolutions helps clients:

  • Optimize individual content assets for search
  • Post content on prominent social media sites (YouTube, Slideshare, etc.)
  • Drive social media viewership of content via regular and boosted posts as well as advertising
  • Negotiate paid placements on related third party properties (Banner ads, newsletters, guest blogs, etc.)
  • Manage live webinars and replay distribution
  • Email marketing…and more

Blog Posts & Articles

Blog posts are an important way for companies to engage with existing and prospective clients to demonstrate thought leadership and reflect your true company culture.  They also serve a critical content development & marketing role – extending website page count, driving keyword visibility and links, and highlighting topics of particular importance to your company.  Webolutions supports clients throughout the end-to-end blog writing process, including:

  • Blogging Strategy: Webolutions helps clients select blog categories and individual post topics that extend beyond product and company news to demonstrate insights and thought leadership on relevant industry issues, reflect the personality and world view of the business owners, and help drive long-term engagement and advocacy.
  • Blog Optimization Support: Webolutions has a proprietary process and tools to support clients with blog optimization.  We create lists of focused keywords by blog category and support clients with imagery and tagging recommendations all geared to maximize SEO.  We also help clients elevate key staff member visibility with Google+ profiles and Authorship functionality that enhances the likelihood your blogs will be well ranked.
  • Blog Writing:  Finding the time, the topics and the expertise to write effective blogs doesn’t come naturally for everybody.  Customers can fully outsource blog writing to Webolutions or work in partnership with us to ensure that the quantity and quality of material you need is getting published.

Publishing a consistent flow of quality blog content isn’t easy, but it provides a huge advantage for companies that do it well.  Webolutions has years of experience supporting clients with blogging strategies and execution that drive measurable viewership and ranking impact.

Web Content Writing

Denver web design company Webolutions develops websites that perform.  The number of pages, keyword selection, linking strategies and more all impact your site’s ability to rank.  Our approach to web content development and marketing is intended to maximize both SEO and visitor engagement in terms of the time they spend on your site, page views, and conversions. We have multiple web content support models:

In every scenario, we make sure all content incorporates the brand’s core messaging and vocabulary and includes calls to action to help achieve the customer’s conversion goals.  We support our clients with detailed, fact-based tools for keyword selection and page optimization and provide project management throughout the content creation process.


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