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There are many ways to promote your business online using social media marketing. Twitter has now introduced a new feature in 2015: quick promote. This feature is similar to a boosted post on Facebook and is a fast and easy way for businesses to get their content in front of most people on Twitter.

According to Paul May, CEO of Austin-based startup @Buzzstream, “The ability to promote a Tweet directly from the Tweet Activity Dashboard is a huge win. Being able to quickly pinpoint content that’s performing and then target people who are naturally interested in the topic gives us a fast, effective way to grow our audience and amplify our message.”

Quick Promote

The best way to use quick promote on Twitter is to start out by identifying tweets that are already resonating with your audience. These will be tweets that are displaying a high number of impressions and overall engagement rate. After this, choose a budget. If you are trying out this feature for the first time, test a couple of different tweets with lower budgets to figure out which your audience responds to best.

Finally, keep an eye on your Twitter engagement dashboard. You can track your tweets, how they perform, and use this information as insight to prepare for your future Twitter campaigns.

Want more information? Take a look at the Twitter for Small Business video.

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Remember when developing your social media marketing strategy, to keep up on new marketing trends, development, and launches within the field. Knowing what to plan and prepare for will greatly help you stay ahead of the curve in social media. Here at Webolutions, we take this into consideration with every client and develop a unique social media marketing advertising strategy that is custom tailored to each client’s needs. To learn more about social marketing and how it can work with your internal marketing plan, call Webolutions at 303-300-2640.

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