The Power of Influencer Marketing

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When you think of an influencer marketer, many will mention celebrities such as Kylie Jenner. But did you know you can leverage influencer marketing locally in your organization to increase awareness and delight your audience and community? Below are some tips and facts about influencer marketing that will inspire you to get involved in your community and grow your business.

What Exactly is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing employs niche content creators to improve brand loyalty, increase traffic and drive your brand’s core message to your target audience. In other words, organizations will pick out champions of their products and promote their offers and services on social media. How do you approach getting influencer marketers?

One technique is by hosting Yelp Elite Events. These special gatherings are invite-only and provide an environment where Yelp Elite Squad members, or their guests, can better connect with their local organizations.

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Another way organizations are using influencer marketing is called affiliate marketing. This is similar to influencer marketing (though most would put it in a category of its own) but serves as performance-based vs. product-based in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Here are a few statistics on the benefits of influencer marketing according to HubSpot and Business2Community:

Crafting Your Strategy

Similar to other business transactions in your marketing strategies, a good influencer marketing strategy will include contracts, scoping, budget and more. Be as specific as possible when crafting a strategy. This way your influencer marketers will know exactly what to promote and how you would like to see it promoted. Here are a few key rules for your influencer marketing strategy:

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