The Impact of Quality Websites on SEO

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has always been a balancing act between writing for search engines and writing for users. In the early days, stuffing keywords into your content and across your site was rewarded with top rankings in the search engines. As Google and other search engines strive to bring people the best results in the top positions, the push has been towards high-quality Websites and content.

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Have you ever clicked on a search result and seen something like this (forgive my shameless keyword stuffing; it’s in the name of science!): “Webolutions is a search engine marketing company located in Denver with awarded web design and development services.” While this writing style is great for search engines, not only because it tells the search engine what your Website is about, it also tells them which page talks about what. From a user’s standpoint, however, this is a nightmare. Nobody talks this way, and two links right next to one another go to the exact same page. Using this type of language can cause users to leave your site (bounce) right away, which makes the search engine look bad for sending their users to that site.

In order to prevent this, search engines are putting more and more emphasis on the quality of your content. You may be asking yourself; “how can a robot know the quality of your content?” It’s simple, really. Whether or not you are tracking the analytics of your site, the search engines are. While there are social aspects to these changes (how much a page/blog/article/video gets shared through social networks) as well as the link-building aspect of SEO, analytics metrics are getting more weight and focus in the search algorithm. Here are some of the metrics they are looking at:

This by no means is an all-inclusive list of analytics that search engines are using to rank your website, but it makes up a heavy portion of it. Having a well-designed site with high quality content is now an important factor to your rankings. If you want to learn more about what makes a high quality website or if you want to learn more about SEO services please contact Webolutions.

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