The 5 W’s of Social Media Marketing

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Successful, sustainable social media marketing plans are built upon the same foundations as other successful, sustainable plans: Why, Who, Where, When and What. The 5 W’s provide structure, tangibility, and answers to a number of important questions, including, “How will we succeed in social media?”

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. – Simon Sinek

Businesses and organizations that connect with people who share their values enjoy much greater marketing efficiencies and results across all business pursuits. In social media marketing, the importance of why cannot be overstated. Social media provides an opportunity to connect personally with people who share your passions for why you do what you do. These will be the most engaged audience and the most proactive sources of referrals.

Any communication model requires at least two parties: Source and receiver. Effective social media marketing plans identify accountable parties and processes on one end and engaged, appreciative recipients on the other.

If you give an audience a chance, they will do half your acting for you. – William Hazlitt

Give me golf clubs, fresh air and a beautiful partner, and you can keep the clubs and the fresh air. – Jack Benny

The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where the bad girls live. – George Carlin

Internet social networks have different cultures, sizes and features. These can be leveraged to put your organization in a favorable light or become a liability. When in Rome…

If the timing’s right and the gods are with you, something special happens. – Rick Springfield

Effectiveness, efficiency and results are maximized when an organization knows when it is best to publish and engage. The average consumable life of a Facebook post is 3 hours; a tweet, exponentially less. People use social media at different times for different lengths, with various levels of acumen and engagement.

You’ve got to have a mission. You’ve got to have a message. – Scott Walker

In social media, content is king. Content is simultaneously the backbone and lifeblood of the medium. Demand and importance of “good” content are rendered exponentially more important by the 24/7/365 nature of social media and the fact that the barrier to entry is zero—everyone is now a content producer.

As social media grows more pervasive, the number of players and data increases. The task of being heard and noticed becomes increasingly challenging. Committing to a plan, executing it and making adjustments based on objective, honest assessments against clearly-defined goals will expedite ROI in social media marketing.

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