Torie Hoffman

Content Strategist and Marketing Coordinator

I believe in the power of a story well-told and a heart well-loved. Stories dictate the world we live in and how we interact with those we come into contact with. I love getting to the heart of what makes someone’s story special (because there is always that golden nugget of passion in every story) and helping show that to the world in a relatable way. When people connect with your story, the loyalty born from that connection is deep and steadfast and I think that relationship is one of the most beautiful things available to us as humans and as marketers.



As the Content Strategist and Marketing Coordinator at Webolutions, I:

  • Create and execute content strategy for clients across a variety of platforms and content delivery systems.
  • Create copy and content that aligns with clients’ goals, visions, and brand values.
  • Suggest innovative and creative ways to incorporate client for exceptional customer experience and dream customer acquisition.


Achiever - I work hard because I love the work I do. Being busy and productive is very important to me.

Strategic - I love to tackle a problem from many different angles and look at creative ways to proceed when faced with a roadblock. There’s always a way around any obstacle if you’re willing.

Learner - Give me all the books! I love learning, have a tremendous thirst to know more and continue education throughout my life. I especially love gaining knowledge through exchanges with people about their passions.


I’m a copywriting and social media professional with 5 years’ experience concepting, crafting, and executing beautiful, concise and on-brand stories for entrepreneurs and businesses. With a bachelor’s degree in journalism, public relations, and creative writing, I’m a talented wordsmith with an eye for strategy and a heart for the right words in the right places at the right time.

Torie Hoffman's Other Passions

When I’m not creating stellar content for our clients you can find me curled up with a book and my cat, Banksy, or out on the trails with my husband and dog, Macy May. I’m a hiking, Harry Potter-obsessed, craft beer-drinking, expert playlist creator with a passion for writing fiction and reading all the novels I can get my hands on. I love playing with makeup and lifting weights and I’m down to try pretty much anything once.

Fun Facts about Torie Hoffman

Denver brews more beer than any other city in the nation, with over 200 different beers brewed daily.