Robert Vachalek

Operations Coordinator

I believe that each day is an opportunity for us to improve, to be better than the day before. Every day I strive to learn and push myself to achieve more in my role because even if it’s something small, in the long run it’s the little things that count.


First point of contact for new and existing clients that call in.

Prepping rooms for meetings / maintaining meeting room supplies

Depositing checks.

Processing and sending out all mail at the office.

Keep up to date on team member and client birthdays to send cards out.


Activator -

Restorative -

Responsibility -


1 Year + in a sales role at software company right out of high school.

Robert Vachalek's Other Passions

I’m a car guy so I love looking at, driving, listening to cars, and going to car shows on weekends.

Watching F1

It’s always super exciting hitting the slopes every year

Big on video games of course

Fun Facts about Robert Vachalek

I’ve been around Webolutions my whole life but only started working here within the past year (2022)

Colorado Native

Consumers are most frustrated with inconsistent brand messaging.