John Vargo

Digital Marketing Manager

The world revolves around relationships. Honest, open relationships result in trust, true communication and efficiencies. The lack of transparency subverts the overall betterment of mankind. I believe we should strive to be empathetic in order to achieve greater objectivity and make optimal decisions in all areas of life, both personally and professionally.


My responsibilities as Online Marketing Manager and SEO consultant:


Strategic - I believe in collecting necessary data and facts to achieve a comprehensive understanding then consider both traditional and innovative means for proceeding. I quickly understand data and patterns and apply ingenuity to achieve optimal results.

Achiever - Making a positive difference is one’s life or business provides me a sense of purpose and satisfaction. To this end, I go above and beyond to achieve results.

Connectedness - Little in this world is achieved without the support and influence of many people and events in our lives. I strive to understand and apply diplomacy to bring people together and achieve a common goal.


I am passionate about working with data and identifying trends not immediately apparent to others. I have 20 years’ experience in search engine optimization (SEO), online marketing and website optimization and am a self-taught SEO expert who achieved #1 rankings for the most competitive one and two-word terms. My wife, Alicia, and I  built a multi-million-dollar eCommerce business with close to a half-million visitors per month. I earned my MBA from St. Mary’s College and have a BS in finance and logistics from Syracuse University.

As a marketing and Denver SEO expert, I enjoy helping companies grow their online visibility and achieve top rankings. I love working at Webolutions because we have a great team of talented individuals who excel in brand development and strategic marketing.

Community Involvement

- Senior Care Companion

- Dress for Success

- Breast Cancer Supporter

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