John Brackney

Director, Strategic Community and Public Policy Engagement

With 26 years of Public Policy and Community Problem Solving experience I believe that Colorado is the leader in economic health, responsible and effective government, entrepreneurial activity and effective decision making that maintains and enhances our vibrant quality of life. Our best days are ahead of us because we are going to make them.



As Director of Strategic Community and Governmental Engagement at Webolutions, I strategically help businesses and organizations become more productive and efficient in the navigation of a number of challenging areas including:

1. Strategic Community Engagement & Relationship Building – Help and guidance to strategically connect executives, businesses and organizations within a community

2. Strategic Community Investment – insights and strategies to strategically identify where best to connect individuals and organizations within a community (what clubs to join, what investments to make and what groups to lead, etc…)

3. Governmental Affairs – strategic guidance to help organizations build relationships with government offices & other governing bodies

4. Public Policy – strategic insights as to working with State and local governments in terms of legislation and rulemaking

5. Public Affairs – strategies as to how to build relationships with trade associations, political entities & key decision-makers

6. Media Relationships – guidance and strategies to build stronger media connections and gain earned exposure for organizations


Achiever - Hard work is enjoyable! I’m most satisfied when I’m busy and productive.

Learner - Love, education, knowledge, history, context and a desire to learn. I want to continuously improve and I have a craving to know more.

Communication - I love great communication! I like to speak extemporaneously and work hard to communicate so that it is remembered.


Life long resident and native of Colorado. Managed state legislative races while attending law school. Enlisted in the Colorado Army National Guard in 1991. Graduated from Officer Candidate School in 1993. Became a Company Commander of the 147th Combat Support Hospital in 1995, then later served as a Captain at the National Guard State Headquarters. Honorably discharged 2003. Received the Meritorious Service Medal twice. Elected to first term as Arapahoe County Commissioner in 1996. In 1999, re-elected to a four-year term and served as chairman in 2000. Served as chairman of the Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority (Centennial Airport), and as president of the Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority. Director of Public Policy at the South Metro Denver Chamber from Jan 2003-April 2004. Served as the President and CEO and member of the Board of Directors of the South Metro Denver Chamber from April 2004 to March 2014.

John Brackney's Other Passions

John’s personal time is filled with the everyday activities of life. John is happily married to the CEO of their home, Meredith. Their daughters, Taylor and Jordan, are following their dad in life down the halls of the very same schools he attended. They enjoys reading, gardening, running, swimming and quiet time with family.

Community Involvement

- John currently serves on the Community Boards for Metropolitan State University of Denver, the Community College of Denver, Arapahoe Community College, the Advisory Board for the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield, Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development and as a founding Board member for the Rocky Mountain Clean Tech Open. He also was a founding Board Member for the Cleanlaunch Renewable Energy Incubator and VITAL for Colorado.

Selected Awards and Achievements

1997 - Selected Freshman Commissioner of the year by Colorado Counties Inc.

2001 - NACo/FEMA Building Disaster Resistant Communities Award

2003 - Award of Excellence from the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office

2003 - Dorothy J. Vogt Award for Extraordinary Contribution to the Community

2012 - Mayor’s Award of Excellence, City of Centennial

2013 - Co-Chair for Citizens for LPS, Littleton Public Schools

Fun Facts about John Brackney

Founding Father of the City of Centennial Can swim two laps underwater (I get to choose the pool) Was selected as MVP in high school for gymnastics!

Our daughters went to the same elementary school, Jr High/Middle School and now Littleton High that I attended. Have traveled to 22 countries mostly for government, business, and military.

Elvis Presley once flew in his private jet from Memphis to Denver’s Stapleton Airport just for a sandwich.