Jack Schneider

Marketing Manager

I believe challenging experiences ignite new passions and energy within us. I am a life-long learner who is constantly looking for new challenges and new opportunities.



As the Marketing Manager and Infusionsoft Certified Partner, my current responsibilities include:

  • Infusionsoft training, program development, and account management
  • Develop and manage internal marketing initiatives
  • Grow Webolutions’ strategic marketing presence in the local and online business community
  • Coordinate speaking events and PR/recognition
  • Manage partnerships


Includer - I believe in collaboration and make it a priority to make sure all voices on the team are heard.

Achiever - I value stamina and work hard. My best days at work are the ones where I am busy and productive.

Learner - I have a dedication to being a lifelong learner and evolving my skills as a marketer.


I have more than 10+ years of combined experience in marketing, online community management and journalism. I began my career in journalism as a night editor for the Aurora Sentinel & Daily Sun. When I was at the newspaper, I developed a passion for graphic design and page layout. I got to progress those skills as a production artist for Ivie & Associates. In 2008, I made the transition from print marketing to digital marketing at a Denver software company. I am fascinated by the continual evolution of digital marketing and learning new tools and techniques. My favorite part of marketing is looking at raw data and matching those metrics to a client success story.

Jack Schneider's Other Passions

I enjoy spending time with my partner, Greg, and our two dogs Schnapps and Frisco. On evenings and weekends, you will see me experimenting with new recipes and running the many trails Denver has to offer.

Fun Facts about Jack Schneider

The dome of the Colorado state capitol is plated with real 24K gold.