Erik Landru

Technical Systems Manager

I’m a geek at heart, always have been. My first computer was an Apple IIe when I was in grade school and she was a beauty! Had I known that geek chic didn’t attract women until at least college, I might have done something more conventional with my time but in reality, I regret nothing.



As Technical Coordinator at Webolutions, my current responsibilities include:

  • Hosting Environment Setup, Management, and Support
  • Continuous environment monitoring and proactive resolution
  • Client support for Email and Hosting Systems
  • Exploration of new systems to provide better service and happier clients


Outside the Box - There are always multiple solutions to a problem. The trick is finding the one that fits best and more so make whatever it is you are trying to accomplish work as easily and as fluid as possible. This is why I’m a bit of an Apple Fan Boy and I’m not ashamed to admit it. They do it right and the critics know it.

Passion for Technology - This goes along with my previous strength in that for some reason technology scares people. I honestly cannot figure out why but it does. I believe in systems the promote great user interface and mask all the nerdy details. Those details are my job and they should never impede or slow down your goals and passions.

Weird - Short and simple, I’m a bit weird. I say what is on my mind and believe that being “Politically Correct” destroys the driving charisma of a business and society in general. This, of course, isn't meant to be rude to someone but c’mon, it was just a joke, let’s all move forward with our great ideas and not let the silly things pull us down.

Erik Landru's Other Passions

Photography and being awesome.

Fun Facts about Erik Landru

I’m a bit sarcastic, fairly witty and have a big heart.

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