Andrew Martin

Content Strategist

I write.



My responsibilities as a Content Strategist:

  • Write and edit content for new website projects
  • Create long-term content strategy for our clients
  • Write ongoing content to improve SEO results and support our clients’ marketing goals
  • Work closely with SEO and Account Management teams to ensure all content plans meet our clients’ needs and reflect SEO best practices
  • Perform on-page SEO for all monthly content as it gets published
  • Edit client-provided content to ensure proper grammar, organization, SEO conventions and brand messaging
  • Collaborate with other departments on creation of brand platforms


Strategic -

Learner -

Achiever -


I was initially a high school and middle school English teacher. After deciding to change career paths, I chose to pursue jobs that made use of my writing skills. This led me to the digital marketing world.

Prior to joining Webolutions, I spent 12 years as the Senior Writer at a digital marketing agency in Lakewood, CO. This role involved running a team of 9 writers and ensuring all of our content adhered to SEO-best practices. My previous agency experience has set me up well for success at Webolutions.

Andrew Martin's Other Passions

Ski bum poet.

I’m a musician/songwriter and play electric piano and organ in several local bands. Music fills the bulk of my free time. When I’m not gigging or rehearsing with one of my bands, you can often find me soaking up the amazing live music that comes through the Denver metro area. I’m currently working on my first solo album, which I hope to release sometime in early 2021.

During the winter, I head to the mountains for as much skiing as I can fit in. In the summer, I’ll take advantage of the outdoors by hiking, biking, camping and going on river trips.

Fun Facts about Andrew Martin

Every year Denver host the worlds largest Rodeo, the Western Stock show.