Sun Valley Potatoes New Website Redesigned & Launched with eCommerce Capability

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Client Name: Sun Valley Potatoes

Client Website URL:

Project Type:  Custom Designed Responsive eCommerce Website

Client Background:

Sun Valley Potatoes was established in 1978. For the past 30 years, the availability of year-round product has enabled Sun Valley Potatoes to deliver superior potatoes in the United States as well as neighboring countries. Their potatoes are handpicked and triple washed before being sent to your doorstep. Quality is extremely important to Sun Valley Potatoes when you order one of their famous gift boxes you will certainly be pleased. And you will understand why other potatoes just don’t compare.

Specific Project Goals & Challenges

Highlighted Solutions – Features and Functions:

Please let us know what you think about this fun website design.

A beautifully packaged box of potatoes makes a great gift for loved ones. Purchase a box of russets or fingerlings for your holiday cooking needs!


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