Staying Top of Mind in a Crowded World

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The March 2018 installment of Webolutions’ Executive Roundtable Series focused on Staying Top of Mind in a Crowded World. Attendees included executives from industries including landscaping, risk management software, construction, human screening, sales training, cloud computing, and the third busiest general aviation airport in the nation; and elected officials and nonprofit Executive Directors.

What is the best way to reach potential customers with a new product or service?

How is it best to approach potential customers in a crowded world?

But, being in a crowded world with so many vying for attention makes for internal complications. Never before have people been so overwhelmed with incoming communications.

We are inundated with emails, ads, messages, calls and events. Our executives deal with this in several different ways

Protocols may include a company-wide policy or general understanding about response times and expectations from varied media. For example, someone in a sales or customer service may be expected to respond, or at least acknowledge, an email within one business day. Executives responsible for major initiatives and the overall performance of a company or organization may not impose that same expectation on themselves or each other.

The preponderance of digital communications in our lives and our businesses has, it was universally agreed, significantly increased the value of a face-to-face meeting.

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