Social Leadership Strategies for Today’s Executive

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In May 2018, executives gathered for a Webolutions Executive Roundtable to connect and share insights around social leadership strategies. With an increasingly connected world – from internal culture to community responsibility – navigating and effectively executing social leadership roles has become an essential skill for executives.

Social Leadership comes to light for executives when they:

The overall tone of the discussion was positive. Whereas some topics generate conversation around challenges and frustration, this group was largely proud, optimistic, and eager to share their approaches, progress, and challenges overcome.

Communication, Communication, Communication

In a digital age with fierce and open competition for dollars and talent, “location” may have competition for importance in marketing. Attending executives placed high importance on optimizing communications with their staff. Tactics included:


Employee Development

Employee development means pulling people into discomfort, asking them to do things they might not believe they can. For one attending CEO, this includes asking introvert employees to engage directly with clients, especially on delicate issues.

Believing goal-orientation can be habit forming, one represented company provides cash incentives to employees who achieve personal goals, such as weight loss, smoking cessation, or community service.

Visual reminders can help. “Grit” is a notion currently embraced by one company represented at the roundtable. Employees who exhibit “grit” receive recognition and t-shirts.

Executive Interaction

Some in attendance bring field employees into executive meetings to gain and offer perspective. Goals included providing a strategic perspective to people who think and work tactically.

Discussion also included:

Tools for the Toolbox

Webolutions Executive Roundtables always provide excellent adds for your reading list. Two books recommended by attendees were:

Social Leadership in the Community

Is it better to reward individuals or to align the company with a singular cause or organization? Neither roundtable formed a consensus. One company gives three days off each year for individual volunteerism; another mandates engagement with industry-associated charities. Some cited difficulty in coordinating schedules and intruding on personal time. A larger firm noted the newer members of their workforce were eager to participate, and may have won battles for talent in part because of the emphasis placed on community involvement.

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