Public Policy

Every business conducts some amount of public policy often without realizing it, as it’s not only in the realm of the Fortune 1000, special interest groups or trade associations.  Public Policy is being well informed, knowing key leaders in the community and understanding the issues and causes that the public and private sectors are working on to improve your community.  Public Policy is differentiated by Politics which more advocating for specific candidates for elected office and for the act of law making.  Public Policy generally falls under the following categories that Webolutions will guide and consult with you as an individual or your company for extreme effectiveness:

Ballot Initiative Strategy

State-wide or local – are there or will there be a government body or citizen initiative that will impact your business?  We’ll have you be an effective advocate for your business and industry to influence and effect changes to law.  If necessary we’ll help you pass or defeat a critical ballot issue.

Economic Development

Every business has a vested interest in the success of their business neighbors.  When an “anchor” tenant moves into retail or an office building it has the ability to make surrounding businesses succeed and some less profitable to move.  When groups of businesses or regions intentionally prioritize economic development – the entire community can prosper.   Infrastructure assets also can make or break your company.  We’ll guide and mentor you how you and your company can make a big impact for your own professional goals as well as move our economy forward for the benefit of your community.

Key Stakeholder Engagement

Identification and cultivation of specific Elected Officials, Reporters, Columnists, business leaders, community Leaders, & other Key Influencers are often the market differentiator for successful businesspeople and businesses.  We’ll identify and engage specific positive community stakeholders that must know you and your business and consider with you negative stakeholders to determine a proper course of action.

Land Use

Conception, to design, location, pre-submittal, planning board or commission to – we’ll be an essential part of your team to overcome obstacles or objections to create the most likely opportunity for success building – so you can concentrate on your business.

Strategic Issue Identification

Taxes, Regulation, Land use, competitor positioning.  All are essential as some part of your business life and we’ll help ensure these don’t collide with your internal business strategy.

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