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At the Zoology Foundation, our purpose is to create a more humane world. By focusing on compassion-based relationships, we have created educational programs and volunteer opportunities that allow individuals, companies, schools, and families to learn more about humane living, and how you can play a part, at any level, in creating a more humane world.


The Zoology Foundation came to Webolutions looking to revitalize their web presence with a website that reflected their purpose, spoke to their target audiences and attracted more donors.

The new site would need to make it easier for potential donors to donate and make access to information about classes, events and volunteer opportunities simple and straightforward.


Because kids and students are a primary audience, the design elements needed to highlight the fun personality that the Zoology Foundation team exudes while still showcasing the serious and important work they do for the community. We aimed for the design to be uplifting and bright while providing important information about the mission, vision, values and opportunities that the Zoology Foundation offers.

Furthermore, we worked to educate users through content and design elements about humane living and what it can mean in our everyday lives.


The new website features multimedia and interactive design elements that connect the user to Zoology from the first clicks they make on the homepage. It uses bright and playful colors to exude the exciting experience users are invited to take part in. Carefully crafted and heartfelt content asks site visitors to not only consider humane living as an option, but to actively become part of the Zoology Foundation family through a variety of easy-to-navigate menu items and pages.

The user flow through the site is intuitive and easily self-led, making it simple and straightforward for visitors to engage however they desire and still achieve main site conversion points such as donating, requesting more information or signing up for a class.

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