The Stone Collection

Seeking out only the most stunning, high-quality stones at each quarry. Every block of stone in our galleries is individually hand-selected with care and inspected for quality, color, veining, and continuity.  This often means only selecting the top 1-3% of what a quarry produces in order to meet our strict standards. From our least expensive to our most expensive stones, every piece is chosen with care.



We set out to create a new website for The Stone Collection that achieved the following:

  • Drive showroom visits
  • Better tracking – particularly on specific pages
  • Create a landing page builder to make it easy to create pages for SEM campaigns


Started with Market Positioning and Key Messaging.

For the website project, we started by outlining the specific elements that needed to be on the main site and each individual location site.


We created a lot of cool features and function. Plus a gorgeous design!

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