Swingle Lawn, Tree, and Landscape Care

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Swingle Lawn, Tree, and Landscape Care is a local lawn and tree care company that has been in business in Colorado since 1947. Their quality workmanship is what has helped them grow and stay in business for 70 years. They offer residential and commercial services.

"They know their client and they make the clients feel valued at every stage."

Craig Ruvere Assistant Marketing Manager at Swingle


Upon analysis, Swingle’s SEO rankings had fallen 120,000 positions and it was discovered their website had malicious code on their pages and hundreds of spammy related back links. This was impacting the entire business.

As a result, Swingle came to Webolutions for SEO and PPC help.  They were so impressed with the results Webolutions achieve, Swingle decided to have Webolutions develop a long term, sustainable and secure website. They needed a website that would be flexible and grow with their changing business.



Swingle’s rankings had fallen over 120,000 positions in only a few years. When auditing, we discovered they had malicious code on their web pages and thousands of spammy backlinks.

We cleaned their code and disavowed the spammy links. Within a few weeks, their rankings improved 1800 positions and these rankings continue to rise nearly every month.


For their website, we worked with Swingle throughout the entire process starting with research to determine how to most effectively design their site for optimum results. We then moved into the design phase, sharing wireframes and mockups.


Landscaping in the spring. Holiday decorations in the winter. Tree trimming and removal after heavy storms. Swingle’s business varied seasonally and PPC was a natural fit to target local customers searching for their services.


45% Increase in Average Monthly Organic Traffic
52% Overall Organic Traffic
1800 Position Increase in First 3 Weeks

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