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J. Kent Staffing is an independent Denver employment agency providing temporary staffing and direct hire recruiting. J. Kent provides qualified, vetted talent to top Denver area employers connecting global talent with Colorado job opportunities. We are recognized as one of the leaders in direct hire recruiting, temporary and temp-to-hire staffing in the greater Denver metro area and the Rocky Mountain Region. Our Expertise spans across many sectors and industries and allows us to target the talent that you need. We have a GSA Schedule and provide temporary staff to the federal government. We also provide top-notch specialized staffing for events, conventions and projects.

A lot of work went into this and I couldn't be happier with the results. A massive thank you to the team at Webolutions for making this happen.

Emma BerdanierMarketing Coordinator


J. Kent Staffing and Webolutions have worked together on numerous projects throughout the years, so when it came time to overhaul their old website, the partnership was a natural choice. The team at J. Kent was looking for more than just an updated look and feel – they were looking for a whole new experience.

The new site needed to present all the essential information and retain functionality of the old site while enhancing that functionality to meet today’s user’s more complex needs and providing more in-depth information where it was needed.

As well, the new design needed to provide a greater understanding of the breadth of services provided and industries served when a user lands on the home page.


In order to meet the goals of the project, the Webolutions team focused on both a clean, crisp design that offered a more pleasant user experience and an intuitive set of functionalities that could manage the complex data J. Kent needs to intake in order to do its job effectively.

The newly designed functionality focused on ease of access, ability to self-segment and thus find more targeted content and information, and providing clearer paths to desired actions that make it easier for users to work with J. Kent whether they are a job seeker or an employer looking to fill a role.


By prioritizing the most-desired actions, we created a site that leads users to taking those actions in several locations. The navigation menu is structured to support these actions as is the header and calls to action throughout the website.

The refreshed design speaks to a more modern audience and more accurately speaks to the client’s target audiences as well. Unique functionalities such as candidate profiles, placement snapshots, and the ability to search potential candidates by expertise and job title create a dynamic user experience that makes finding what you need fast and easy, thus accomplishing the client’s goals while allowing them to remain the expert partner they’ve always been known as.

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