Fossil Trace Golf Club

Winner of the 2020 Communicator Award - Visual Appeal Category

A memorable golf experience is more than a good swing or a single hole.  Course architecture and character, manicured grass, exceptional, yet down-to-earth guest service, and food & drink must all come together cohesively for a truly wonderful visit.  From the moment you step foot on our property, you are sure to feel the Fossil Trace Experience – Colorado’s home course welcomes you. 

A very big thank you to you and your amazing team. It was exactly the right step to take our golf course to the next level. You guys really nailed it. The Communicator Award for Visual Appeal is very well deserved!

Katie JohnsonPGA, Assistant Golf Professional


Fossil Trace and Webolutions have been working together for years, so when the time came to give their world-class course a new-and-improved online presence, there was no question as to who they’d trust with the process. The goals for the new site were simple: drive interest in the course, answer commonly asked questions efficiently, and create a more interactive experience for prospective visitors.  


It was important to play up two aspects of this course: it’s notoriety, and it’s storied history. Fossil Trace is so much more than just a bunch of greens with a pretty view of the Rockies in the background. Telling that story required a deep understanding of the centuries-long history of the course and a profound appreciation for what it offers the golfers of today. Furthermore, usability needed to improve dramatically. We utilized a comprehensive information architecture to help create a more easily and intuitively navigable website while ensuring that the experience on each page was enticing, exciting, and true to the course.  


The feature-rich site we created – from the tiptoeing dinosaur footprints on the home page that harken to the course’s namesake feature to the interactive course description feature with in-depth information for each of the course’s holes – created a unique branded experience. Pairing the user experience-focused design with the tremendous photography and videography of the course itself resulted in a truly immersive and showstopping experience. Any visitor who lands on Fossil Trace’s new homepage is immediately greeted with stunning drone footage and all the essential information they need to book a tee time or learn more about the course and the club.  

  • Beautiful Course Tour
  • Course Holes Organized by Par
  • Streamlined Menu
  • Persistent Footer Highlighting Most Important Actions
  • Stunning photography and video
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