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Webolutions’ proven system for improving SEO and results driven by Websites, advertisements and landing pages includes A/B testing.

The benefits of Website A/B testing include:

Each Website should be designed with a conversion in mind. The user experience should guide the user through an easy, understandable and enjoyable funnel to a specific desired action. This action is usually either a way to contact the business or, in the case of an E-commerce Website, to make a purchase. Website A/B Testing is a designed experiment. Two  or more versions of a web page with a variations in a single detail—a call to action, a picture, the placement of an element on the Web page—are presented to two statistically significant sample sizes; the results are compiled and analyzed; recommendations and decisions are made; results improve.

Especially for E-commerce Websites, even a small lift in Website engagement can lead to an immediate increase in sales and a long-term increase in repeat and referral business.

Webolutions Website A/B Testing fits a variety of budgets and Website structures with the best tools and solutions available.

Webolutions also achieves some of the best open rates in the industry by using A/B Testing in Email marketing. In addition, A/B Testing is a core component of Webolutions client success in social media advertising, online display advertising and Pay Per Click Retargeting campaigns.

A more complicated and expensive form of testing is Website Multivariate Testing. In most cases, A/B Testing is sufficient. Webolutions does offer multivariate testing. Please contact us for additional information.

There are 4.76 billion social media users around the world in January 2023, equating to 59.4 percent of the total global population.