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Proven Measurement System
for Keap / Infusionsoft


Someone clicks on your pay-per-click ad and goes to your website. They leave without completing the form or calling you. But they continue researching, and you keep coming up. Eventually visitors will quietly read your blog articles, like your Facebook posts, read your reviews and subscribe to your e-newsletter. And when time is right for them, they Google your business name, arrive on your website, contact you and get entered into your Keap / Infusionsoft system.

How do you attribute the lead?

The ad generated the initial awareness and engagement. Your analytics present that interaction as another anonymous click and a non-conversion. Same for when the first click comes through social media, affiliate links, links in marketing emails, your Google My Business listing, etc…

You are frustrated because you need to be able to measure how each marketing channel affects your bottom line. You need to understand how each channel to which you commit money and time reinforces the others. Where in the buyer’s journey are your highest impact opportunities to improve results? You have all this information and none of it is reliably actionable.


Get the answers you need with Webolutions exclusive True Attribution Measurement System – from first click all the way into your Keap / Infusionsoft system. Your window into the buyer’s journey will be illuminated for anyone entering your pipeline. You will know, for any individual opportunity and in the aggregate:

Our system uses proven, industry-standard tracking code and web software. It is available to all enrolled in our Keap / Infusionsoft Implementation and Enhancement Program. It provides line-item ROI accountability for:

Webolutions is a Google Partner. Our Denver-based digital marketing experts manage millions of dollars in annual advertising spend. Your experience in creating and launching this system will include working with Webolutions’ in-house team of digital advertising experts and Keap / Infusionsoft Certified Professionals.

We will work with you to:



Using this system and partnering with Webolutions for your Keap / Infusionsoft, digital marketing and website gives you:

Are you ready to:

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