Marketing: ROI Tracking & Key Performance Indicators

Marketing Key Performance Indicators

ROI (Return On Investment) Tracking uses analytics and specific key performance indicators (KPIs) to help:

Marketing is an investment and should be managed as one. ROI Tracking is a central component of Webolutions 5 Pillars of Successful Marketing approach.

Webolutions does not require long term contracts of its clients. Our business model puts all parties on the same side of the table while placing the onus on us to continually demonstrate ROI in our efforts on your behalf. Marketing may have many goals—examples include sales lift, more leads, better leads, increase brand awareness—most of which are quantifiable and should be tracked and measured against a defined goal.

Webolutions’ proven systems provide ongoing results and transparency. On an ongoing basis, our clients have access to all of the data associated with their marketing spend, especially quantifiable results. Webolutions clients enjoy regular ROI consultation meetings, which can be conducted in person or via phone and Web. In these meetings, Webolutions experts explain what the data is telling us and, where appropriate, make recommendations to change strategy or tactics to improve ROI.

ROI Tracking is available for:

For an example of a Baseline report or to discuss how ROI can be measured for your specific goals, please contact us today.

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