Integrated Marketing

Such a simple concept, so difficult to execute well.  At Webolutions we consider Integrated Marketing Strategy a three-legged stool.  Each component is critical to achieving an effective result:

Clear and Consistent Market Positioning


We help companies define their unique brand positioning and consistently communicate it with compelling and differentiated core messaging, vocabulary, and brand imagery.

Cultural Adoption and Internalization


For most businesses, the employees are the primary reinforcement of the brand.  If you say you stand for one thing, but the reality of customer experience with your staff suggests another, all the advertising in the world won’t change customer perceptions.  Every employee needs to understand what your brand stands for and what is their role in bringing the brand to life.

Getting Your Message Heard


A great market positioning is only useful if people who need your products and services know about it.  At Webolutions that means developing a plan that first and foremost engages your current customers and turns them into brand advocates, and then leverages the most efficient tools available to identify prospective customers and reach them with offers and information that steer them to your brand.

Alignment of messaging, brand imagery, customer experience and communications touch points. That’s how Webolutions defines and delivers Integrated Marketing for our clients. We can help you deliver your message via traditional and online media, at your location, and across every customer interaction.  If your company has been trying to achieve an Integrated Marketing vision without all three legs of the stool, Webolutions can help.

Mobile web traffic has consistently accounted for about half of all global web traffic since the beginning of 2017.