Branding (real branding) is perhaps one of the most misunderstood aspects of marketing for most organizations.

At Webolutions, we define a “brand” as a memory bank, created over time.

A successful brand is a memory bank, created over time, of positive associations between a company or organization and what they stand for, and moments of happiness in people’s lives.

Think back on all the ads you have ever seen for Coca-Cola.  Have any of them describe the product attributes of a soft drink?

What Coca-Cola says is, “Open a Coke, Live” and “We want to teach the world to sing”. They show us Santa Clause and Polar Bears and US Olympic athletes winning gold metals. The inspire feelings fun, freedom, enjoyment, caring and pride (happiness).

If your company’s ads are just pitching a product and you sound pretty much like all the other competitors, we can work with your team to truly develop a brand and begin impacting people on a more engaged, emotional level.

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The creation and the effective implementation of a brand strategy provides an organization with:

Your brand can best be defined as the experience and emotional response that people have with you across each and every point of contact.

At Webolutions marketing agency in Denver, we employ a very systematic approach to defining a brand.  First we document the key personas that the brand needs to influence.   We determine who they are, why they would be motivated to consider the brand and what obstacles would need to be overcome to earn their business.  Then we do an in depth evaluation of the competition to determine how they are branding themselves and identify available brand territories that would be both differentiating and compelling.  Finally, we develop a set of brand themes that will guide all communications going forward.  The themes are centered around three key aspects of the brand:

The successful creation of a brand begins with identifying the key, positive, differentiating attributes of an organization. Next, the person developing the brand must fully understand the values, vision and benefits that the organization is able to provide. These factors are then measured against the other offerings available in the marketplace and the key decision drivers of the personas that the brand is intended to influence. From this a brand can be created.

Marketers who use segmented campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue.