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Market Positioning Action Plan

At the core of everything we do is the client’s market positioning.  That is why most engagements start with our Market Positioning Action Plan™.  This is our systematic approach to helping clients define not just what they do, but why they do it and why their customers should care.

Areas for Differentiation

We take both an inside-out and outside-in approach to positioning.  The inside-out view investigates what the business leaders feel is their competitive advantage, how they believe customers shop in their category, and why, ultimately, they win business.  The outside-in view includes a detailed analysis of the competition to understand how key competitors are positioning themselves in order to find potential areas for differentiation.

Key Steps to Creating a Clear Market Positioning Strategy

Webolutions approaches brand strategy differently from most other agencies.  We are not simply looking for a differentiated statement about what you do.  Our brand strategies include three key components that together define the brand; your offering, your culture, and your customer experience.


We not only help you define these three brand components, but then we help you identify the major actions you need to take to deliver them consistently on a daily basis.


If you can’t honestly answer the question, “What makes your business different from your competition?”, then it may be time to call Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency.  We will help you transform your customer and employee experience to make it truly unique.  With Webolutions, market positioning isn’t just words, it’s the way you do business.

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