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Webolutions’ proven system for improving SEO and results driven by Websites, advertisements and landing pages includes A/B testing.

The benefits of Website A/B testing include:

Each Website should be designed with a conversion in mind. The user experience should guide the user through an easy, understandable and enjoyable funnel to a specific desired action. This action is usually either a way to contact the business or, in the case of an E-commerce Website, to make a purchase. Website A/B Testing is a designed experiment. Two  or more versions of a web page with a variations in a single detail—a call to action, a picture, the placement of an element on the Web page—are presented to two statistically significant sample sizes; the results are compiled and analyzed; recommendations and decisions are made; results improve.

Especially for E-commerce Websites, even a small lift in Website engagement can lead to an immediate increase in sales and a long-term increase in repeat and referral business.

Webolutions Website A/B Testing fits a variety of budgets and Website structures with the best tools and solutions available.

Webolutions also achieves some of the best open rates in the industry by using A/B Testing in Email marketing. In addition, A/B Testing is a core component of Webolutions client success in social media advertising, online display advertising and Pay Per Click Retargeting campaigns.

A more complicated and expensive form of testing is Website Multivariate Testing. In most cases, A/B Testing is sufficient. Webolutions does offer multivariate testing. Please contact us for additional information.

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