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In today’s technology-driven economy, 97% of all purchases have an Internet component, whether that means researching the decision or actually making the purchase online. With the proper Internet marketing strategy, you can place yourself directly in front of your target market when it matters. Benefit from Webolutions’ SEO (search engine optimization) Marketing and PPC and display internet advertising to better position your website to reach the right target audience.

Evolve your web presence and drive ROI on your efforts with Webolutions online marketing strategy agency. We start with a thorough analysis of your current web presence, your target market and your competitors to identify the right strategies to meet your specific goals. After launching your campaign, we then use detailed analysis to track your successes and optimize your results over time.

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The local Internet marketing landscape changes daily with new social media sites emerging, continual search algorithm changes and innovative advertising opportunities.  To succeed, you need a partner who stays on top of all these industry changes and can recommend the best ways for you to succeed online. For more than 26 years, Webolutions has been the leading Denver digital marketing agency, empowering hundreds of local organizations to thrive! We offer a wide portfolio of Internet marketing services to drive your business visibility and maximize conversions.

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Benefits of Internet Marketing

Types of Internet Marketing Services

What is Online Marketing and Why is it Important?

Internet Marketing Imperative for Success

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Types of Online Advertising Included in SEM

Benefits of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is an integral part of marketing as more of the buying process is driven online. Webolutions can help you succeed!

Compared to traditional marketing tactics, website marketing services give you:

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Types of Internet Marketing Services

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Helpful Information About Online Marketing and Internet Marketing Services

The world wide web became available in August 1991. By 1996, it became obvious to most publicly traded companies that a public web presence was no longer optional. In fact, more websites were developed during 1996 than in the previous 5 years combined. Even more astounding than the 257,601 websites that were online by the end of 1996 was the surge in development that resulted in 1,117,225 websites just one year later. 1997 represented the first year that nearly 1 million new websites were built. The world wide web was here to stay and altered the way business was conducted forever.

History of the Internet – Number of Websites by Year

History of the Internet - Number of Websites by Year

Internet Marketing Imperative for Online Success

The exponential growth of websites opened an entirely new industry called digital marketing. Today, digital ad spending in the United States has grown to more than $60 billion. Where is that money being spent? Similar to the exponential growth of websites, the online marketing industry has grown exponentially not only in size, but also in the complexity of ways to market online.

Do you know how much retail commerce is conducted over the internet today? The U.S. Census Bureau measured 4th quarter retail online sales at more than $89 billion. In 2016, internet sales will surpass $360 billion in the U.S. alone. Worldwide retail sales are set to surpass $28 trillion (note, that’s a “T” for trillions – wow!) by 2018.

Webolutions Online Marketing Company - Internet Marketing Service

Clearly the internet today is a gold mine of opportunity. Furthermore, with more than 1 billion active websites worldwide, competition to be found online is greater than ever and will continue to be more competitive. For these reasons, effective online marketing is more important than ever in order to be found and successful in the digital age.

What is Online Marketing and Why is it Important?

Online marketing, also known as digital marketing and internet marketing, encompasses the processes and actions to improve a website’s and/or web page’s visibility on the internet. The goal of online marketing is to increase traffic, impressions and, ultimately, conversions whether in the form of customer leads, sales or articles read as well as any number of other desired actions one hopes to achieve.

Digital marketing is comprised of several different activities each of which has its own set of processes, actions and objectives. These online marketing activities fall into two main areas including Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, and Search Engine Marketing, SEM. Numerous additional processes and activities fall within each of these main areas. We’ll cover these activities briefly below and in greater depth with future articles.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Among the first set of activities that became critical to being found online were those associated with being found prominently on search engines and directories. The term used for the processes and activities for being found on search engines like Google and directories like Yahoo was search engine optimization or SEO. In fact, Jason Gambert attempted to trademark the term SEO in 2007. Learn more: What is SEO?

Because Google quickly became the largest and most important search engine on which to be found, early search engine optimization professionals looked toward Google and the algorithm they used for displaying websites. Today, we refer to this display of websites as search engine results pages or SERPs. In order to be displayed toward the top of the SERPs, astute individuals studied the Google algorithm to better understand how websites were ranked.

Ranking well on Google, particularly in the early days when the algorithm was relatively simple, equated to tremendous potential success. In the early 1990s and through roughly the mid-2000s, if a website ranked well in Google, it ranked well across the entire nation. Today, websites and businesses are not quite so fortunate because rankings have become regionalized as well as customized based upon one’s location, search history and the websites they’ve visited.

With increased online competition and a much more complex Google algorithm, search engine optimization’s processes and activities have become both science and art. As Google continuously strives to improve its service, the delivery of optimal information for a query, it has had to continuously adjust its algorithm making both major and minor changes to thwart the efforts of SEO professionals who took advantage of weaknesses using what the industry calls “black hat” techniques. In essence, Google changes its algorithm to prevent useless spam pages from appearing in their SERPs.

What Activities are Included in SEO?

The study of online marketing via search engine optimization has become an advanced profession that requires the constant update of knowledge. Finding an agency and individuals that know how to positively affect rankings is very important. If knowledge is power, knowing how to rank well is a tremendous power to have.

Here are the main activities within the digital marketing process known as search engine optimization. These SEO activities will be covered in greater depth in future articles.

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility within the SERPs primarily through paid advertising.  Whereas search engine optimization’s focus is on improving natural or organic rankings, search engine marketing’s focus is on improving online visibility through advertising vehicles that include pay-per-click (PPC), display banners, videos, and mobile display ads.

Because ranking well with search engine optimization is a long-term effort, search engine marketing is used to achieve more expedient results. With the highest bid, for example, pay-per-click advertising can place a website at the top of SERPs. Of course, the opportunity to be first in search results comes at a premium price and, depending upon the keyword focus, can be a competitive, costly approach. The trade-off for this method of search engine marketing is an immediate improvement in online visibility.

2015 Digital Advertising Spending in the U.S.According to, U.S. ad spending reached $58.61 billion in 2015 with retailers spending the majority, approximately $12.9 billion. The image to the right provides a breakdown of ad spend by industry.

Among the fastest growing segments of online advertising are those for reaching mobile customers because mobile search queries are now greater than desktop searches. Search advertising (PPC) and display advertising are still among the favorite methods for reaching potential customers, however, both are growing at a slower rate than mobile advertising.

What Types of Online Advertising are Included in SEM?

The methods for reaching customers on the internet are vast and continually changing in importance. Below are several of the most popular types of search engine marketing methods. Each will be discussed in further detail in future articles.

As commerce continues to move toward digital means faster than traditional commerce growth, so too are advertising dollars shifting to digital, or online, marketing. Traditional advertising accounted for 73% of total ad spend in 2014, of which TV advertising accounted for 54%. In 2015, traditional methods of advertising were expected to grow at only 1.7% to account for 70% of spend. By year-end 2018, traditional advertising’s share of the total advertising market will decline to 64%.

Digital advertising, on the other hand, grew 16.3% in 2014 totaling $143.6 billion, accounting for 27% share of the total ad market. By year-end 2018, digital advertising will reach $224.7 billion, accounting for more than a third (36%) of total ad spend. (Thank you to for ad spending statistics.)

Today, more than ever, online marketing is critical to the success of organizations. Digital marketing continues to see tremendous growth year over year at the expense of print advertising and other traditional forms of marketing. In order to succeed online, one must become familiar with online marketing, its processes and methods. Hopefully, this article has been informative. Please leave your comments and continue to view my posts which will further explain digital marketing in greater detail.