Improving Results with Precision Targeting

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On Friday, October 16, 2015, Denver’s Social Marketing for Business group tackles the topic of precision targeting. We all know that better targeting translates into better marketing results, but it’s often easier said than done. Our talented panelists and moderator will delve into strategies you can employ to overcome your specific business challenges to target the prospects you want, when they are most receptive to receiving your message.

New technologies have improved our ability to target and re-target with greater precision than ever. Whether you deploy a direct mail or an email campaign, want to optimize your ad buy on social media or display different content based on a consumer’s behavior, our panelists will offer valuable insight about how you can target the audience you want in an efficient and effective way.

Even though marketers know the importance of segmentation and targeting to boost conversations, research from a Razorfish study of 685 C-suite executives shows 76% of marketers do not utilize behavioral data in either targeting or segmentation analysis.

Why? While there may be many reasons, most every company struggles to translate mountains of data that they could track into strategies that impact the customer-facing experience.

Learn from our panel of leading media strategists about what works and learn about which tools to use to improve your targeting:

Suzanne Schultz – Principal, Growth Marketing Werks
Suzanne pioneers the digital media landscape and fulfills her passion for advertising as founder of Growth Marketing Werks, a boutique digital media consultancy. Since 2002, Suzanne has been at the forefront of digital media by bringing the best advertising technological advancements to advertisers such as audience targeting, retargeting, dynamic ad serving, real-time bidding and most recently, programmatic. She’s been instrumental in reinventing advertiser’s and agency’s digital business with brands such as Crate & Barrel, Purina, Amelie Company and Faction Media. Her past speaking engagements have been with Denver Ad Club, American Advertising Federation of Colorado, ProgrammaticNOW, RocketFuel, Business Marketing Association of Colorado and now, Social Marketing for Business.

Page Kelley, Supervisor of Media Strategy and Operations, Centro
Page has spent her career in digital marketing and will share insights from her experience s as media planner and director for Mindshare and Blackbone Media, as well as her current position at Centro, a media management software company, where she helps businesses reach their goals faster.

Whether you are a B2B or B2C marketer, you’ll leave this conversation with ideas on how to deploy the latest digital targeting tools to improve your conversion rates. We look forward to an engaging and interactive conversation!


DATE & TIME  Friday, October 16, 2015, 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM
VENUE  South Metro Denver Chamber, 2154 E. Commons Ave., Suite 342, Centennial, CO
COST  $10.00
WHO SHOULD ATTEND    Business owners, marketing and sales executives, organizational leaders

Breakfast will be provided by Whole Foods Market SouthGlenn, My Favorite Muffin and Peet’s Coffee SouthGlenn.

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