Local SEO – How to Optimize Your Business Around Local Search

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Local search results have become prime real estate on the search engine results page, which is why companies need to invest in local SEO services. These results are displayed under the sponsored advertisements, pushing the organic search results down. To most business owners, ranking in the local results, such as Google Maps, is imperative to their company’s online success.

Why Should Local SEO be a Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Not only does Google prominently showcase local businesses at the top of their search results page, but provides customer reviews about an organization’s products and services. Searchers can read customer opinions about their experience with the organization. As I’m sure you are already aware, customer reviews can hurt your company’s reputation or create customer evangelists producing a viral marketing effect. Check out some of our recommendations for how to optimize your business around local search.

Recommendations for Local Search

No one knows, except for the Google magicians, what makes up their algorithm. Optimizing for organic search results and local search results are two separate animals. Local search is driven by business location, website theme, phone number, local resources, customer reviews and more. If you are interested in learning how Webolutions can help you with your local presence, contact us today at 303-300-2640.

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