Logo Design

Utilizing our unique Results Driven Media™ approach, we have created an efficient and effective structure with which to develop logos. We actively study the trends in design and logo creation and have created five unique categories of logos. These include:

Text Treatment of Company Name Only

Google / IBM / Yahoo / Coca-Cola / eBay

Text Treatment of Company Name with Accent Graphics

Ford / UPS / Amazon

Text Treatment of Company Name with Equal Size Graphic

Microsoft / Walmart / United

Graphic as Main Focus with Text Treatment of Company Name

NBC / Little Caesars

Graphic Only without Company Name

Nike / McDonalds / Apple

A logo does not need to be expensive to be effective. However, it does need to be well-designed.  During our logo planning session with you, we will address the following questions together:

  1. Based on the persona research, what color schemes work best for your company’s branding and image?
  2. What font style would convey the themes of the company the best?

Serif, Sans Serif, Block, All Caps, Mixed Case, Script

  1. What are the logo applications?

Then, we will create several different concepts of your logo, review these together, and work through the revisions to finalize your logo. Once complete, we will provide your logo in all the standard formats including vector, .jpg, and transparent versions.

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