Experiential Marketing Examples: The Las Vegas Coca Cola Experience

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Experiential marketing agencies like Webolutions help clients connect with customers on a more personal basis. We create true engagement between brand and its customers. In an era of social media marketing and extreme word of mouth connectivity, this is critical.

Coca-Cola is consistently ranked as the most recognized brand in the world. As well, Diet Coke recently became the 2nd most globally consumed soft drink, beating out Pepsi.
In case you have missed our previous posts about experiential marketing, success in this marketing discipline demands a change in your advertising and marketing thought process. To succeed in experiential marketing, businesses must look beyond their product or service and focus on the overall “experience” of their brand.

If you visit the Everything Coca-Cola store in Las Vegas, you become truly immersed in the Coke experience. In this two-level, interactive Coke mega-store you can purchase Coke memorabilia, have your picture taken with the Coke polar bear for holiday cards, and even participate in a Coca-Cola tasting of their different soft drinks from around the world.

The tasting is a really neat experience with sixteen different flavors that include:

Most of us have grown up with the Coca-Cola experience marketing, from Saturday Evening Post to Santa Claus to the World Cup.
Coca-Cola website Coke does not list the ingredients that make their product great (a product attribute). They do not advertise the price of a Coke (a product attribute). They do not tell visitors how convenient Coke is to buy (a service attribute). Instead, they focus on the overall, emotional connection of the Coke experience.

At the Coke Website, you will find engaging content like, “Where will happiness strike next?” which links to a great video of the “Coca-Cola Happiness Truck.” You can visit the “Smile-izer” which lets you engage in a laugh experience beginning with, “Welcome to our big, bubbly collection of happiness.” They consistently focus on their brand’s emotional appeal.

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