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Each month, Webolutions employees host each other for a team-building dining experience in the office. Our theme for April is, Southern.

Grits. Biscuits and gravy. Probably something fried. This might not be our healthiest breakfast, but its bound to be tasty.

Part of Webolutions’ ongoing team building and culture development is our monthly International Breakfast. The purpose is to have fun, enjoy culinary delights not part of our normal grocery lists, and demonstrate we appreciate each other as people and respect the hard work we all do when…well, when we’re not eating breakfast. And sometimes then, too.

Webolutions’ International Breakfast demonstrates a few of our core capabilities: We plan and execute creative experiences. We believe the statement, “Your employees are your brand,” is more than a metaphor, and we help others live their brand, their unique company culture. We create and nurture long-term relationships, internally and externally.

What traditions does your company have? How do you build and reinforce your culture, your relationships? Can Webolutions map a moment for you? Let us know! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and your favorite local and review sites, and you can always give a shout to (303) 300-2640.

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