How Local Leaders are Creating Effective Visioning and Alignment

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All entrepreneurs have a “dream” that every person in their organization fully comprehends their vision. This vision would completely align with leadership values (including hard work, caring for clients, taking initiative, etc.), and do embody all the things that need to be done each day with all their creativity and passion to ensure the business achieves 100% of its potential.

What are some of the ways leaders are making this “dream” a reality? On Wednesday, January 15, 2020, Webolutions welcomed 12 Denver-area executives to empower one another and explore some current employee engagement trends, discuss visioning and explore creative and effective ways to align their organizations.

There’s Vision … and Then There’s Visioning

“A lot of companies have vision,” said John Vachalek, Webolutions founder and CEO. “At Webolutions, we do visioning. This allows organizations to mobailize and reach their goals.” To begin the conversation, Webolutions asked Denver-area executives what they consider as elements of an Effective Company Vision. One executive in the restaurant industry said the first step — and challenge — for creating an effective vision is to get universal buy-in from the team. “That can be tough, because we have a wide range of employees, he said. “Some are 17 years of age. Others are in their 60s.” Attendees added to the conversation by suggesting leaders propose a set of value-based questions to ask employees and ask how they are personally living their set of values. “Core values must be recited and lived through each employees’ behaviors,” said John Vachalek.

Attendees also mentioned that by implementing effective visioning within an organization, they are embodying the character trait of “service greater than yourself.” “Vision is the glue that keeps the whole organization going,” said one executvie in the non-profit industry.

Employee Engagement Trends

After discussions about laying the foundtation for an effective organization, Webolutions then shifted the conversation to why increasing employee engagement is key for growth. To inspire Denver-area executives, Webolutions touted that the benefits of higher levels of engagement come from employees who work for compassionate leaders, especially those who are authentic and present.

While employee engagement is key for the workforce, some studies reflect dismal numbers. According to Gallup’s latest poll – only about 30% are engaged in their jobs. And according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, millennials are the largest generation in the workforce — 35% (1 in 3) — 75% by 2030.

What are Denver-area leaders doing to better engage their employees? For starters, setting realistic expectations. And setting these expectations start early. “At Webolutions, we incorporate our values in the job description,” said John Vachalek. “We want the person who falls in love with reading these values.” The next step in setting realistic expectations is presenting these values in the job interview and asking each candidate how they are living these values in and out of the office.

As for employees who are currently in the workforce, many executives said one of their biggest challenges to align their organizations is what to do for “employees who quit and leave vs. employees who quite and stay.” This provides Denver-area executives more opportunities to set realistic relationship expectations. “I don’t expect millennial employees to retie from my company,” said a Denver-area executive in the consulting industry. “However, I present to them that I will be the stepping stone in their career.”

Achieving Better Organizational Alignment

The final discussion of the Executive Roundtable centered around tying in visioning and values to increase organizational alignment. Some of the strategies Webolutions presented to Denver-area leaders included:

All attendees said organizations become better aligned when leadership offers the ability for each employee to develop and improve his/her own skills.”We offer each employee $500 for the year, and they can use it whatever employee development they choose,” said one executive in the non-profit industry.

What are some of the ways you have helped better align your organization? We’d love to know! Call us at 303-300-2640 or email [email protected].

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