The Critical Leadership Mindsets to Thrive in 2020

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The digital economy is changing faster than ever. With changes from big data, to new business models to mass communication, executives face a variety of challenges when looking to take their organization to the next level. On Wednesday, December 4, 2019, to inspire executives to develop actionable items for success in the new year, Webolutions presented the topic of The Critical Leadership Mindsets to Thrive in 2020 at its December 2019 Executive Roundtable.

Denver-area leaders gathered at the Webolutions office to address the challenges they are currently facing and the traits they and their organizations must acquire to thrive in 2020.

Addressing Today’s Biggest Challenges

Webolutions started the Executive Roundtable by mentioning to executives some of biggest challenges organizations face today, including:

When Webolutions asked what specific challenge their organization is facing, Denver-area executives said “overwhelming amounts of data.” An executive in the health and wellness industry said to combat the challenge of which data to review. “We had to narrow down our Key Performance Indicators to employee and customer satisfaction,” he said. Focusing on specific KPIs inspired him and his organization to create and market products based specifically on what consumers want and where the trends are shifting. “Consumers really have all the power,” he said.

Getting Down to Essentials

Webolutions founder and CEO John Vachalek presented an example of narrowing focus from the book Essentialism. He used cleaning up a closet as a metaphor for discovering what’s truly important to focus on in an organization vs. what to discard. “When going through a closet, many people clean it by saying I will wear this some day,” he said. “What the book talks about is when you clean out a closet, ask yourself if you absolutely love this item. And if you don’t, throw it away.”

Much like with focusing on specific metrics to follow vs. not follow, attendees discussed experiences “clearing the 2019 clutter” for their organization, including . “What do I absolutely love? That is what we have to do,” said one executive in the nonprofit industry. When wondering where to narrow down essentials, Denver-area leaders pointed to focusing on their audiences’ needs.

When an organization is focused on essentialism, only a set amount of things matter to move an organization forward. And it’s not just organizations that benefit from essentialsim. One executive who is also a consultant said “customers can only take in so much information.”

Value-Based Leadership to Thrive in 2020

In our changing world with technology, problem-solving, and embracing change, Webolutions presented more than 20 traits — including integrity, commitment, passion and empathy — to executives and asked each attendee to identify the ones they needed to develop further in the new year. Many Denver leaders narrowed down the list of characteristics to these key points in order to help them drive success in 2020.

Are there traits missing from this list? We’d love to hear your suggestions! Contact Webolutions today!

Executives then tied these core values into their organization’s purpose, mission and values. As Denver-area leaders connect their teams, customers and community to something larger (Vision), their organizations create a sense of why they exist. “We approach our company not as ‘this is what we do’ but ‘this is who we are,'” said a Denver-based nonprofit executive.

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