Lead Generation and Management

For years Marketing and Sales teams have been at odds over the topic of lead generation.  Sales wants more leads, Marketing says they don’t do enough with the leads they get.  In fact, in many cases, both sides are right.

Webolutions helps clients generate more leads from their own websites, online and offline marketing programs, and social media efforts.  We also help them with the tools and processes needed to score and grade Marketing leads to determine when is the right time for a hand-off to Sales.

A successful lead generation program must first and foremost maximize conversion of a company’s website visitors into leads.  This entails providing compelling calls-to-action on the site that will motivate visitors to provide a minimal amount of profile information in return for something they value.  Value can come in the form of thought leadership content, promotional discounts, assessment tools and more.  These same calls-to-action can be repurposed to attract leads in online advertising and social media.

Webolutions support client lead generation efforts with:

A single content download does not indicate readiness to purchase.  This is often where the disconnect arises between Marketing and Sales teams.  Webolutions works with Marketing and Sales leadership to develop the rules for lead grading (company size, industry–overall fit for your solution) and lead scoring (the level of interest they have demonstrated in your company).  Specifically we help clients:

Are your marketing efforts generating significant lead volume?  Are these leads being nurtured and scored in an efficient manner?  Do your Marketing and Sales teams agree on the definition of a lead?  If the answer to one or more of these questions is NO, call Webolutions to start developing a program where leads will become lasting clients.


56% of marketers who leverage blogging say it's effective and 10% say it generates the biggest return on investment.