An eNewsletter can take many different forms.  When we at Webolutions refer to an eNewsletter, we are referring to regular epublication (normally monthly) which is sent out to your contact list.

As with all communications, this publications should be well planned and implemented so as to add value to your recipient.  As well, the publication should contain consistent content categories which best align with your organization’s brand and which are consistent with your overall content marketing strategy.

We will help you plan your publication, setup the tools, create the design, and work with you, sharing our vast knowledge of email marketing best practices to ensure that your epublication becomes a valuable and effective marketing tool.

The technical sophistication of the publications we create for our clients spans a wide range.  Some very basic publications are structured to provide the exact same information to everyone on your list. However, we also have expertise in creating far more sophisticated campaigns with features which include:

Dynamic content – Content which is pulled in to an individual’s publication, based on preferences and other information that they have provided in the past.

Triggered Sends – Email sends, triggered by someone’s behavior, purchasing habits or other information which increases the likelihood that we will reach them at the time of a purchasing decision.

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