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Email marketing is the most cost-effective way to keep your message in front of existing customers and prospects.  With today’s ever-increasing array of marketing automation technologies, businesses can design highly customized campaigns based on any number of marketing triggers.

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Email Works

Email may be the most often disparaged communication type out there, but the only reason you receive so many promotional emails every day is because EMAIL MARKETING WORKS!  Check out the facts:

Webolutions Makes Email Work Better

Webolutions digital marketing agency helps clients optimize their email marketing campaigns with anti-spam strategies, content testing, marketing automation, list management and more.  Whether you are delivering to your own community or need to source external lists to expand your reach, Webolutions can help. We support clients with:

Email can be a valuable tactic to support a wide variety of marketing objectives. Webolutions helps clients leverage email to:

Email Tracking & Enhancements

Email marketing remains one of the best ways for businesses to get in touch with potential as well as existing clients. Therefore, monitoring the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns is essential. Ongoing measurement of email marketing metrics seeks to establish clear links between particular aspects of the emails that businesses send out and factors like click-through rates or online conversions.These links can be identified through time-based tracking of metrics such as subject lines and send times. In addition, a number of email criteria can be optimized utilizing A/B testing, in which two or more variations of an email with one element changed across versions. This allows the most effective version of the email to be identified quickly and easily.The benefits of email marketing efforts include:

Email Deliverability Testing

There’s no point in spending time building complex email campaigns if a large percentage of sends don’t reach the intended mailbox.  Webolutions helps clients build email campaigns that incorporate deliverability best practices and pre-test those campaigns to maximize success.  Some of the techniques we use to optimize email deliverability and readability include:

  • Only working with highly reputable email platform providers
  • Pre-Testing email against common SPAM filters
  • Performing In-Box previews to indicate how your email will display across a wide number of email clients before sending
  • Mobile Device Optimization
  • Post send analysis of key delivery statistics

Webolutions is careful to comply with industry CAN-SPAM rules to avoid blacklisting and legal risks. Learn more about our deliverability testing services.

Email Dynamic Content

Incorporation of dynamic content is a proven method for increasing email effectiveness and conversion.  From the most basic form of dynamic content, email personalization, to more complex customization of emails based customer demographics, prior purchase history, etc., experience shows that dynamic content pays off in terms of email open rates and response.  In fact, a recent  study of over 200 million email sends saw a nearly 5% jump in open rates when the recipient’s name was included in the subject line.

Most marketing automation platforms can accommodate customization with multiple dynamic content fields.  Webolutions helps clients incorporate dynamic content into their campaigns via:

  • Personalized subject lines and email copy
  • Database tagging strategy support
  • Campaign design/email content development
  • Dynamic content campaign set up and automation
  • Campaign testing
  • Results tracking and optimization

Dynamic content is an excellent way to increase email effectiveness, but it can be challenging to implement.  Webolutions can help with advice and hands on expertise to customize your emails for maximum response.

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