Budgeting for Your Marketing And Website in 2020

Budgeting Season is upon us. Ready to achieve your marketing and business goals for the new year? Key benefits from this presentation include:

Entrepreneurs, learn to effectively engineer their 2020 marketing plan to achieve larger company goals.

Marketing Managers, become empowered to create a triumphant budget approval process.

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Free Website Analysis

As a leader in online marketing and strategy, we will provide you with a free website marketing analysis. Based on 70+ criteria including search engine data, website structure, site performance and others, this report provides you with a website score based on 100 points and includes an analysis and recommendations for:

  • SEO
  • Mobile
  • Social Media
  • And More

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Free eBook: 25 Things Every Small Business Should Automate

Nearly 80 percent of top-performing companies have used marketing automation for more than two years, according to the research firm Gleanster.

As mentioned in the webinar, we invite you take the next step in your marketing automation journey by downloading the free guide. In this eBook, you’ll learn about 25 things every small business should be automating, including leads, sales, events and more.

87% of video marketers say that video has increased traffic to their website.