Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2020
Time: 12-1 p.m. MT
Platform: Zoom and Facebook Live

Your unique brand experience should be your marketplace differentiator. Other businesses may offer the same or similar products or services as you. Or, at least these may look the same to a website visitor. But the way you approach your specific client or customer experience is a golden opportunity to set yourself apart and differentiate yourself.

After working with hundreds of companies, we’ve seen that many websites are very good at communicating the products or services the company offers. But very few have mastered the art of telling an effective story and sharing the experience they create which sets them apart from the crowd.

By understanding the evolution of your messaging, what makes you truly different and effectively conveying this unique experience through imagery, vocabulary and the text on your website, you will:

  • Create higher levels of website visitor engagement
  • Drive excitement about working with you
  • Convert more visitors to leads
  • Generate more sales

Key takeaways from this presentation will include:

  • The evolution of your messaging
  • Keys to successfully telling your story
  • How to capture more leads and clients
  • Reaching the right people with the right message at the right time
  • Creating a personalized, engaging experience on your website

Pro Tip: Learning is better together, so why join the webinar alone? Invite your colleagues and friends to the webinar.

About the Webolutions Webinar Series

Webolutions’ monthly webinar series empowers passionate people to thrive by providing perspective and generating dialogue gleaned from over 25 years creating marketing strategies and more than 2,000 websites. Whether you are new to digital marketing or are a seasoned veteran, these presentations provide valuable insights into how to become more successful.


Mike Hanbery, MBA, Webolutions Director of Marketing and Business Development
A 26-year marketing industry veteran, Mike has assumed active leadership roles at Webolutions since 2010. Achievements include overseeing the digital marketing team and contributing to the marketing success of many of the more than 2,000 websites Webolutions has launched since 1994. Certifications include social media, inbound marketing and local search marketing. Mike’s mom thinks he is witty and insightful. She might be correct, so join us!

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