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A. R. Wilfley & Sons, Inc. has provided innovative centrifugal pump solutions since 1919. Wilfley’s robust pumps can be found in a number of different industries including mining, food & beverage and chemical processing. Their pumps are sold and supported by local reps globally. They provide the most proactive centrifugal pump solutions in the world.

A.R.Wilfley attended the MINexpo in Las Vegas, NV in September 2012. MINexpo is the biggest tradeshow in the mining industry. Wilfley tasked Webolutions with designing a booth experience to stand out in a crowded field and create a memorable experience for show attendees.

Specific Project Goals & Challenges

Solutions Provided by Webolutions

To maximize the ROI of the investment Wilfley made in exhibiting at this event and to create an amazing experience consistent with their brand, the following solutions were implemented:

We completed a strategic experience planning exercise to address key factors about the event. You can see some of the items in this checklist at our recent blog post Creating a Client Experience Checklist . Then, using this information, together we created a unique experience for this event:

Going forward they will continue to engage the contacts made at this event and develop tools to ensure that they become active members of our community.

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