3 Tips for Selecting an SEO Company

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“We usually start these conversations with a lesson on how your Website is not up to our SEO marketing standards.”

That’s the modus operandi of a national firm with whom Webolutions is considering establishing a strategic partnership. With our site, they didn’t have anywhere to go, but that’s not the point.

Here’s the point: Just because a Website has “Internetmarketing” in its URL does not mean they are your best choice for an Internet marketing partner. Water cooler talk in this office is loaded with comments like, “It’s surprising that greater standardization doesn’t exist in this 17-year-old industry.”

(Since I’m not the boss here, it is incumbent upon me to note that Webolutions Digital Marketing Agency first entered the industry in 1994. And that Webolutions operates with a proven set of standards.)

Tips for Selecting an SEO Company

Is the SEO Company’s Website search engine optimized?

We are of course familiar with, and victims of, the “shoemaker’s son” realities of  business, i.e. we take care of our clients first and ourselves last. That said, no self-respecting SEO firm will bother to lauch its own Website without “baking in” certain fundamentals–titles and H1 tags, for starters.

Do they represent SEO as an ongoing process?

If you are offered a “set it and forget it,” option, walk away. Within any subject matter, the vernacular is constantly changing. Your competitors are angling for the same search ranks you are.

Can they explain SEO to you?

Something I love about our company’s branding model is that we want our clients to understand everything we’re doing for them. We don’t share trade secrets, of course, but we’re fully accountable for the results and very open about how we succeed.

Finally, a bonus: Do you feel comfortable? As in every aspect of business and life, it’s important to feel good about, “fit.” Do you hesitate to call or do you drop in the office because you’re in the neighborhood and being there is a pleasant experience?

(Since I’m not the boss here, it is incumbent upon me to note that visitors to Webolutions sit in shiatsu massage chairs enjoying espresso and culinary treats while playing with an iPad…)

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