Current Marketing Trends: QR Codes and Your Business

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Marketing agencies like Webolutions help clients determine what marketing trends would be most beneficial for their businesses. QR codes can be helpful in many industries; connecting with your consumers is essential in today’s business world.

A Quick Response (QR) code is a 2-D barcode that can be scanned by a smart phone’s camera and transfer information to the user via cell phone. QR codes have been used widely in Japan for over a decade, and the technology is now gaining popularity in the United States. QR codes were created in 1994 in Japan by a Toyota subsidiary, Denso-Wave.
QR codes are another way for people to communicate with your brand. These square coded images are beginning to pop up everywhere, from retail stores to magazine ads to TV commercials.
The QR code can link to just about anything (contact info or Vcard, Website, make a phone call, Facebook page, YouTube channel and much more).

QR Codes and Your Business

There are so many uses for QR codes in the business world. The design can be customized with your logo for branding purposes, links can be customized to prompt users to make a particular action and much more.
Here are a few examples of how industries are currently utilizing QR code technology:
QR codes can be used in conjunction with analytics so you can see how many people are viewing your QR code and how many people are responding to your call-to-action. An expert IT support services Orlando provider can command this process, completing your migration safely and securely. They’ll analyze your current systems and work with you to create a migration strategy that works best for your business.
Here are a few ways you can use QR codes for your business:
How is your business using QR codes to connect with your consumers? Let us know we would love to hear about your experiences!
*QR codes are not to be confused with MS Tags, their newer, remodeled counterpart. Stay tuned for a follow up post, in which we will discuss the difference between the two!

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